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Whether you have one or a hundred employees we provide:

  • Personalized service and support..
  • Simple conversion and start-up.
  • Customizable Payroll Reports
  • Electronic services that allow you to send and receive information quickly and conveniently.
  • "Guaranteed" accurate laser checks and payroll reports.

Benefits of Using the Action Tax Payroll
  • Redirect your efforts from time consuming payroll activities and back to areas more profitable to your organization.
  • Minimize or completely eliminate payroll tax penalties.
  • Forget the stress of deadlines and doubt.

  • Superb!!!!!! They completed 3 years returns for myself and my business in just a week! It was fast, and they helped me save about $5500 by setting up and LLC even!!!
    Saved about $5500,
  • I have used Tax Ladies (Now Action Tax LLC) for that past few years and even if I moved from the state of Washington I would want them to do my taxes again. Thanks guys A MUST USE tax preparation.
    A MUST USE tax preparation,
  • I do my bookeeping here and I really appreciate their patience, I ask tons of questions and never seem to get tired of talking to me. The other day, I called them three times and stopped by once, and they were still happy to see me. I don't understand a thing about labor and industry taxes but I'm glad they do. This is a great place for small business with lots of questions
    Great place for small business people,
  • I have gone to Action Tax for 2 years and I can't imagine going anywhere else. I drive long distance to stay with them because they are so worth it. They are a bunch of candid, honest individuals who truely care for me.
    Go to Action Tax if you want ALL your money,
  • I was nervous at first, I was leaving HR Block after a catastrophy (a whole other review); but they put my mind at ease. They answered my questions clearly and they did their best to help me understand the tax process. I appreciated the individual attention that they gave me and I feel I got to form a relationship with my preparer. Next year I will save loads of stress knowing that I get to see MY tax professional; if I am going to release every detail of my life to anyone I'll be damned if it's another stranger!
    Left H&R Block,
  • I have been coming in to see Jake at Action Tax since they were called Tax Ladies. Jake's staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I have gotten to know them all over the years and it makes me happy to know they are there for me all year.
    Customer for Many Years,
  • I got a scary letter from the IRS because the company I was using to do my taxes did not do a good job AND when I went back to them they were not there anymore to help me! I heard about Action Tax from a friend of mine so I went to see them. I did not have an appointment but because I was so upset, Jake, the owner, made time to help me. Not only did he help me straighten out the mess another company made but he went back through my old taxes and found some other issues and amended them for me. I am now a loyal client and will never go anywhere else again! If you want a company with morals and people who take the time to get things done right, you really need to check out Action Tax! Thanks Jake!!!
    Now a loyal client,
  • Desirable outcomes with my tax filings. I have peace of mind with Action Tax due to the very professional handling of my tax situation. No hassles, everything was explained!
    Desirable Outcomes,
  • My husband and I would be lost without Action Tax Service. We came from using H&R Block for a number of years. Corrie, Jake & staff are absolutely superb....
    Switched from H&R Block to Action Tax,
  • The team at Action Tax is outstanding. They are quick to respond, and always have answers to my questions while explaining how they got the answers to help educate me. I highly recommend Action Tax!
    Highly Recommend,
  • Great office, friendly, extremely knowledgable. I will refer my peeps!
    Extremely Knowledgable,
  • This was my first intro meeting and I was really impressed with Corrie. She went over everything with me (a financial idiot) and even saved me $$ during our first call because she saw that my LLC was expiring the next day and told me how to renew it. Super impressed and can't wait to work with her team.
    Saved me money on my first call,
  • Action Tax was very knowledgeable and helpful navigating our taxes related to a parental estate from a previous year!
    Helpful with Parental Estate,
  • This is a top notch business. It was recommended to me by a relative in the financial industry who knows his stuff. I have complicated returns and I also highly recommend. Corrie is a hugh asset and a wonderful person to work with.
    Top Notch Business,
  • Very good place and tax preparation are excellent. They also do my taxes my quarterly, payroll, and W2S for my employees. Always very helpful and answer all my questions. Action Tax has done my taxes for 3 years she is friendly and professional and makes a very stressful situation a lot better. I will continue to use their services and recommend them to all my employees and friends and other business owners.
    Excellent Tax Prep,
  • Jake and Corrie are great. I have been going for about 5 years now. Great customer service, outstanding Accountants, always helpful and they do an excellent...
  • Here’s your review from my friend Ginevra.
    “ OMG- what kind of tax wizardry did you just set me up with?!
    Thank you for sending Jake into my life!!!!! 🙏🏼”
    Lisa McIntosh
    Tax Wizardry, Client Referral
  • Thank you for the referral for Jake at Action Tax.  He really was terrific in assisting me for the preparations for electronic info as well as making the change in CPA’s so easily.  He finished mom’s taxes in just a few short days and answered all of my questions efficiently.  Also I’m not sure how, but she is getting a refund and we don’t have to mess with estimated tax payments for Fed & State.


    Getting a Refund,
  • “Effective, honest, straight forward, practical, interesting, meaningful, true, a fast read, a useful tool, a simply excellent and perhaps even brilliant book. Don't let this pass you up!!! It's full of rich, useful and powerful golden nuggets that will not only improve any business but will improve your personal and family life as well. Read it. Hang on to it. Savor it. Underline it. Use it. Most of all, though, refer to it often. I encourage all people interested in small business, big business, or simply organizing or improving life in general to relish The 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners.”
    Fast Read, Brilliant Book, Mortgage and Radio Personality
  • "The 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners is a great go-to resource for any business owner! This book is packed full of tips from saving money on taxes, to building productive teams, increasing sales and much more in an easy to read format. You will get not only all these incredible tools but also an intimate look into the life of a successful business owner himself, Jacob Hanes. I highly recommend this book to anyone whether they’re starting out or have been in business for a while."
    Great Go-To Resource,
  • "Jake Hanes has provided some of the most effective, yet simple solutions that any business owner could easily implement immediately into their business. I know it will be mandatory reading for all my clients and it should be mandatory reading for you if you own any type of business.”
    Effective, Simple Solutions,
  • “I was audited by the Department of Revenue, who insisted I owed them $59,000.  I turned everything over to my CPA firm, Action Tax Service in Auburn.  They went to work on my behalf.  After several attempts by the state to deny me, Action Tax ultimately got us a refund check for over $42,000!  I so highly recommend using their team!  They went the extra mile repeatedly for us.” President, Eugene Tourangeau III Sound Diesel Performance, LLC
    Action Tax got us a refund check for over $42,000!
  • As a new client we could not recommend Action Tax more highly. We have found their service to be professional, efficient, prompt and friendly and look forward to working together for many years to come.     Shari S
    Action Tax prompt efficient
  • As a small business owner, it is reassuring to know that I can count on Jake Hanes and his knowledgeable and friendly staff to take care of me. Our accounts are in order, and our tax returns are always submitted in a timely fashion. I don't have to worry about payroll, business loans or tax planning. I trust Jake and his staff to look after all of my financial needs.

    Owner, Acers Fastpitch

    Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • I was in need of CPA services and didn't know where to turn. Action Tax was the first time I used a CPA firm for my IRS needs. I am so fortunate to have come across them!  They were professional, courteous, knowledgeable and competitive in fees.  I was put at ease with my concerns and my issues were quickly resolved.  Thank Action Tax; I am a client for life! Fernando M Baker
    I am a client for life
  • Action Tax is a wonderful company to deal with. Real people, not just putting in time. Questions are answered promptly. Everyone is always polite and helpful. We are confident we are getting excellent service. I have found them to be very organized and efficient. They always make time for their clients.       B.E. Bowman LLC
    A Wonderful Company to Deal With
  • It is a pleasure to recommend the services of Action Tax. They have never failed to answer my questions promptly and in language I can readily understand and evaluate. They take a genuine interest in every one of my family members’ businesses, as well as their individual tax and accounting needs. I consider Action Tax to be one of my most valuable resources for my business, as well as personally.  Hitesh K.
    Action Tax a Valuable Resource
  • The team at Action Tax in Auburn are extremely proactive and professional. They look after all my accounting and tax requirements so that I can concentrate on building my business.  Kevin W - ActionCoach
    Action Tax Extremely Proactive
  • I have now been using Jake and the team from Action Tax for the life of my business, around 8 years. I can honestly say that without their help I would not have been able to grow my business as successfully and professionally as we have done. The communication lines are always open, and very often I have secured a deal based on the information they have given regarding any relevant Business planning and Tax implications I may encounter. Unlike most accounting firms the team from Action Tax is proactive rather than reactive, and it's this attitude combined with friendly personal service that sets them apart from the others. Bottom line, I would recommend their services to anyone!!

    Greg. S, Acoustical Solutions, LLC

    Action Tax for the Life of My Business
  • Our company was audited by the Department of Revenue. Being a long time clients of Action Tax Service, they not only were prepared to represent us at the audit, but had us entirely in compliance. The audit lasted about 30 minutes, and there was no change; our business was 100% in line with reporting and tax requirements! I am pleased to say my relationship with Action Tax Service has been stellar. I recommend them to any business owner looking for reliable and accurate services from a competent team of professionals. Ron K., NW Home Improvement
    Ron K., NW Home Improvement
  • I am a mostly retired citizen living several years overseas.  I had an income on which Withholding was deducted and a very few stock trades in the US.  The result was a complex tax situation where the filing was delayed for 5 years and the IRS chose to ignore the purchase price (cost basis) of the stock sold.  The filing delay was occasioned by my belief that my income was too small to require filing except for the years where Withholding was undertaken. Action Tax has the expertise to solve all the Filing and IRS Code issues and to correct IRS claims in a satisfactory and efficient manner. I highly recommend Jake Haines and Vanessa Cunningham to anyone needing Tax assistance. Nelson G Chenaur  PE SE Civil & Structural Engineer  
    Solved my Problems
  • Desirable outcomes with my tax filings - I have peace of mind with Action Tax Team due to the very professional handling of my tax situation. No hassle, everything explained!
    Peace of Mind with Action Tax
  • My wife and I have great expectations about Action Tax.
    Great Expectations
  • With Action Tax, I had peace of mind in knowing my taxes were done correctly.
    Taxes Done Correctly
  • Action Tax provides a very professional, courteous and low pressure environment and their well trained and knowledgeable staff make one feel at home and confident that no detail of your business transaction will be overlooked Recently I had the unpleasant experience of being audited by the IRS on an old tax return, even though Action Tax had not prepared the return they were more than happy to audit the transaction and help with resolving the problem, even helped prepare the correspondence for the government agency. I was overjoyed with this expert support and guidance in a difficult matter I feel I have gained not only a very professional tax service but a resource for other financial and business matters when I need sound advice; I would not hesitate a moment to highly recommend this business to anyone who needs tax or bookkeeping assistance. As tax issues become more complex I plan to have these professionals prepare all my tax documents for now and in the future. Joyce Jones Kent, WA
    Professional, Courteous,
  • Action Tax was Great!
    Action Tax was Great,
  • Action Tax treated me like my problems mattered to them.
    My Problems Mattered,
  • Action Tax makes me happy because I receive refund checks!
    Receive Refund Checks,