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Ways To Grow Your Business

If you are just getting started on a new business, there are a plethora of resources on the internet to assist you in getting it started, including this great one Small Business Administration

At Action Tax we also provide a free consultation for getting your business started. It includes all of the things listed in the link above, plus a powerful list of over 280 ways to advertise and grow your business.  READ MORE


Protect Your Assets and Take Your Business to the Next Level!

The type of business structure you have in place determines everything.


Action Tax is focused on saving small businesses time and money. One resource we offer to fulfill this is setting up the right taxable entity for your business. S-Corp Advantages
(This is real cash savings in just the first year of the incorporation!)

When taxable income reaches $11,000 you pay for the cost of incorporating in just the 1st year's tax savings.

Other Advantages of S Corporation:
  • Owner is an employee, and gets a paycheck and W2 and end of year, if the company pays the shareholder salaries.
  • 100% of employer’s payroll taxes, when paid salary, are deducted from net taxable income of business (not 50%).
  • Rent can be taken at any reasonable amount to decrease taxable income, and ideally the amount is the full amount that can be sheltered with expenses.
  • As an LLC taxed S Corporation, the entity is legally independent from its shareholders. The shareholders can take up to the net income in non-taxable dividends (just like in a Sole-Prop), at no tax consequence.
  • Lawsuits, bankruptcies, injuries and other damages are not passed onto shareholders, unless they sign personal guarantees on loans.
  • Corporate entities can easily be sold, or shareholders added, and the corporation lasts beyond death of the shareholder.
What are you paying for?
  • We do all the filing with the State and Federal Taxing Authorities, and pay all initial fees associated with setting up the new entity.
  • We will assist you in preparing your first quarterly tax reports.
  • We help you determine the date at which your corporation will ideally become effective.
  • We provide the initial consultation, answer all of your questions, and include a Tax Planning Consultation following the set-up.
Next Steps:
  • Determine if the liability protections, tax savings, tax shelters, and corporate structure are beneficial to your particular business now and ongoing.
  • Complete our simple application to set up the corporation.
  • Schedule your document signing appointment, and plan your included professional tax consultation with our staff.

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