Action Tax Services LLC

Jake Hanes

Jake Hanes is not just a business owner; he is a visionary entrepreneur, a dynamic public speaker, a shrewd investor, an acclaimed author, a transformative business leader, and a dedicated family man. As the visionary behind Action Tax Service, LLC, Jake exemplifies entrepreneurial brilliance. His ingenuity further manifests in the family-operated Epicenter in Puyallup, a thriving family entertainment hub known for its innovative escape rooms, miniature bowling, and cutting-edge VR gaming experiences.

In the realm of real estate, Jake is a strategic investor, his acumen extending across various facets of real estate, impacting businesses and projects nationwide. His prowess as a public speaker is equally noteworthy. Certified by the Les Brown Legendary Speaker Program, Jake’s oratory skills shine as he travels across the United States, inspiring audiences as a motivational speaker, Business Coach, Certified Public Accountant, Author, and Entrepreneur.

Jake’s literary contribution, “The 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners,” is a testament to his expertise. This #1 Bestseller, introduced by billionaire Brad Sugars, founder of ActionCoach, serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. His practical strategies, borne from personal success and extensive experience, have revolutionized the approach of thousands of business owners.

Educationally grounded with a BS in Accounting from Central Washington University (Class of 1995), Jake’s journey in public accounting since 1998 has solidified his status as a seasoned Certified Public Accountant in Washington State. His reputation as a powerful advocate for small businesses is backed by tangible achievements, including collaborating with former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire in 2010 to devise strategies bolstering small businesses during challenging economic times.

On the personal front, Jake’s life is enriched by over 29 years of marriage to his wife, Kari, and the joys of parenting their five children. Beyond his professional pursuits, Jake is an adventurer at heart, engaging in public speaking for non-profits, mountain climbing (with many notable summits across the US), cycling, and scuba diving globally. His multifaceted life, balancing professional excellence with personal passion and family values, makes Jake Hanes an extraordinary figure in the entrepreneurial world.

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