Action Tax Services LLC

Our Culture - The Values We Live By

Integrity & Commitment

We make and keep commitments to each other, our customers, and all we interact with. We always speak the truth, deliver what we promise, and work at all times at the earliest possible opportunity. Our team shares in the success of our company and so we commit ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, work ethic, and customer service. We are committed to the success of our co-workers, our clients and the company as a whole.

Professional Services & Conduct

We build relationships in an open and supportive environment, listening to our client's needs, and exceeding their expectations. We are courteous and respectful to all, including our colleagues, our vendors, and our community. We are consistent in the execution of our systems, such that our clients feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times and they return knowing we will continue to support them and provide for their needs. We conduct ourselves with competence and confidence and strive continuously to build professional character within ourselves and within our team.

Communication & Leadership

By seeking first to understand the needs of all we interact with, and being compassionate and sincere, we communicate to others in a way that builds trust and loyalty. We never use or listen to profanity, sarcasm or gossip. We learn and always use the names of our clients, and personalize every message we share. As servant leaders, our staff is proactive in resolving concerns, completing individual and team goals, and improving themselves to reach our Mission and their own. Our organization believes in a balanced approach to life overall, our staff provides a stable environment for all stakeholders. Our staff members strive to gain greater knowledge to bring greater value to themselves and our organization. Our team members are provided with clear, measurable goals and objectives, wherein success can be measured. By building and improving systems around our own office activities, as well as our clients, we create clear, measurable procedures that produce desired outcomes.

Team Spirit & Support

Our business team is totally focused on the goals of our organization. We focus our attention as teams and individuals on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing. To foster this, we operate in a safe, "win-win" work environment, where initiative and responsibility are fostered and rewarded, where all contributions are valued, where all have the opportunity to win. Trustworthy and committed staff members are financially and emotionally rewarded, and with their longevity, personal development and contributions, come greater opportunities for advancement, education and remuneration. We view life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated, and create a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere for ourselves and all we interact with.

Quality, Accuracy & Value

Our team strives for excellence in customer satisfaction, giving of our time, talents and energies such that our reputation of superior customer service precedes us. We deliver products and services of exceptional quality that add value to all involved for the long term. Every product and service delivered to our clients is diligently scrutinized for both high quality and perfect accuracy. Good isn't good enough, for we strive for excellence.

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