Action Tax Services LLC


Be Audit Proof
& Know your Bottom Line all the time


  • Accurate Financials Monthly
  • Know your Bottom Line all the time
  • Focus on serving you customers, we’ll do the bean counting
  • Pay less taxes when you have good records
  • Be Audit Proof!
  • We do excise and Sales Tax reporting
  • Accuracy guaranteed!

What was the reason that you went into business...?

  • Did you dream of turning your passion into your livlelihood?
  • Was it to stop making money for others and start making it for yourself?
  • Or did you want to set your own hours and be your own boss?

  • Bookkeeping Services

Do you find yourself?

  • Drowning in paperwork at the end of the week?
  • Spending endless hours shuffling paper only because you do not know what to do with it?
  • Frustrated because you can't focus on building your business because you're always dealing with administrative tasks?
  • Wearing every hat in your business?
  • Dreading those necessary but tedious record keeping tasks?
  • Living in fear of audits from state and federal tax agencies?
  • Forgetting or missing important deadlines and filings?

If you find yourself answering "yes" to any of the above questions it's time to consider our bookkeeping services. We will manage all those tedious and time consuming record keeping tasks for you and give you more time to do your business. We can also create and file Excise, B&O and Payroll Reports, relieving the stress of deadlines and inaccurate reporting.

Owning your own business is a full time job. Often you work as IT support, customer service, maintenance, and collections on top of all your regular responsibilities. And your work follows you home. At the end of the day there are still the records to maintain, taxes to pay, reports that need to be filed with a bevy of different official organizations and accounts to balance. Your time is important and in short supply, the hours that you spend handling tasks that are necessary but auxiliary to the actual running of your business hurts your bottom line. If you aren't actively engaged in growing your business, profits will stall. Please think carefully about how you spend your time, it is the one resource that you cannot replace, restore or renew, so it needs to be utilized carefully. If the operation and growth of your business is important to you please contact us via phone or email to see how we can give you the time and peace of mind to concentrate on why you went into business in the first place.

What Our Clients Say About Us
My wife and I have great expectations about Action Tax. They are always very professional yet you feel like family. They are reasonable and friendly. They took the extra effort to review our last year's (2010) and found that we should have got back an extra $400. The fact that they went back to find that mistake when we showed up with no appointment at 6:30 pm and stayed with us over two hours, really was going the extra mile!

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